It’s not so much that I own a lot of red clothes, it’s more that I’m a total nerd & decided to colour coordinate my outerwear to a red/yellow colour scheme. 

I occasionally find notes to myself scattered around my apartment, or hidden in files on my computer that I have no memory of writing. Half the time they are weird poetry.

Oh man mourning brooches are like my favourite forgotten tradition. Google them, they are so creepy! I was thinking of resurrecting the tradition when I die, until I learned about THIS.

This is my treat to myself when I am struggling through writing an essay.

I spent a good chunk of my weekend scrambling to finish this comic. I hope you like it. I was really trying to push myself with the colours.

I legitimately do all of these things regularly. 

It was chocolate milk. I’m not about to waste that!

Besides, it’s mostly painters whose deaths are linked to the toxicity of their materials.

Yeah. It doesn’t really snow here much. Except it’s been snowing non-stop all weekend. Please I don’t want to go to my monday class.

Goofy lil thing done for my illustration class. The assignment was to write a 5 panel, wordless narrative about an inanimate object without anthropomorphizing it. & the colour pallet was restricted to 3 colours.