Yup. It’s that time of week again.

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New page up! Today we wonder: Okay but for real, where did all these pigs come from!?

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They said it was a “crawl space” but I’m pretty sure it’s the beginning of a horror movie.

The new house is pretty nice, but it includes a couple weird (endearing) features that were definitely considered “futuristic” in the 70s. I may do a comic about those later.

Thanksgiving was good. We did a lot of homework & ate a ton of my mother’s delicious cooking. We managed to squeeze in a round of mini-golf with my brother, too (I inexplicably scored two holes in one).

Tomorrow’s my birthday. I don’t really have any plans except for a post-class IHOP meal with Lyndsey & Gina (and any other classmates that want to join) & okonomiyaki with my roommates in the evening. Also homework. I am never free of homework. I came down with strep throat on my birthday last year, so literally anything is a step up from that.

In today’s instalment of Last Night at Wyrmwood High: where did those pigs come from!?!?!?!?

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In today’s Last Night at Wyrmwood High: I had to draw this dang truck a buncha times.

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Um. My deep dark secret is that I had a really strange obsession with the animated show “Arthur” in high school. Like, it’s a good show & all…. but I should not have created the sheer amount of Mr. Ratburn fan art that I did….. Before you judge, just remember we all have skeletons in our closets. Mine just happens to be some weird comics about anthropomorphic rats & math.

Final thought: my old work is super embarrassing, but I like to think that’s because I’ve grown & progressed beyond it. It serves as a good reminder as to how far I’ve come. I can only hope that I will improve as much in the next 4 years as I did in the past 4 years.

Happy monday. There’s a new page of Last Night at Wyrmwood High up today. There is a car involved.

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It’s Friday! There’s a new page of Last Night at Wyrmwood High!

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OCTOBER IS HERE. October is my favourite month because it has my 3 favourite holidays: my birthday, thanksgiving & halloween. I love halloween. I love making costumes. But not everyone has time to make a costume, so here’s my guide to making a cool costume last minute. I have legitimately used at least one of these ideas in real life.

My comic Wyrmwood High updated today, so I thought I’d share a little bit of “making of” junk with ya!

Last Night At Wyrmwood High went through several drafts before it became the comic you’re reading today! This is the only sequence that stayed vaguely similar from draft 1 to 3.

For Draft 1: I hadn’t planned the story out in full so most of the details of the story & how the world worked are completely different. I was still inking with a dip pen & colouring by laying in a heck ton of textures. You can find 10 or 12 pages of this draft somewhere on my tumblr if you go back like a year and a bit.

Draft 2: Only 8 pages of final art were ever created for this draft. It was part of a pitch package created for a graphic novel course I took at Emily Carr. I was drawing to size (6 inches by 9 inches) whereas I now draw 1.5x bigger. I was still inking with a dip pen & laying in a heck ton of texture to colour. I was actually lucky enough to have opportunity to go down to Portland with some of my classmates & get my work critiqued by a bunch of artists & editors. This was an interesting & valuable experience. The two big critiques of my work were “your shots are too zoomed in” & “you should ink with a brush.” Taking these notes into consideration has really (at least in my opinion) helped my work since then.
On a panel composition note, you can see that the first panel is flipped from version 1 to version 2. The reason for that is that it gives a better reading flow. The reader can follow the direction of the characters movement to the next panel in version 2, whereas in version 1 when the reader’s eye follows the movement of the characters, they’re lead right off the page.

Draft 3 (final version): By the time I committed to drawing Wyrmwood in full, I decided I was going to go with a very limited colour pallet for the comic. I inked this with a brush & got rid of the texture I was using before while colouring. It look me a while to settle on purple, brown, yellow & green as my colours, but in the end that’s what felt right. It’s similar to the colour scheme I used in the first ever Wyrmwood story that I serialized on my blog back in 2012. You can see that here if you’re curious. (Kassandra is Amber’s younger sister. Janet may or may not be related to a character you haven’t met yet).

I hope that’s interesting. I made this post instead of doing homework last night. Yay school! D’: