I’m pretty sure I’ve never mentioned on this tumblr that I went to an arts-focussed elementary school & also an arts-focussed high school. I was very lucky.

I’m actually not still friends with anyone I went to elementary school with, so I couldn’t really ask around to see what anyone else thought about this class. I honestly hadn’t thought about it in years until I tried explaining my elementary arts school curriculum to someone.

Art school was cool. Art school was weird. I got a lot of stories about it.

Took some time off from my various projects last night & drew some RWBY fan art. Volume 2 has started & I’m enjoying it. I liked Yang fighting with turkeys on her hands.

I did one of those “redraw a screenshot of an anime” things. Although I just realized I forgot to draw her guns. >:( Oh well. 

LOL. I should get testimonies from everyone who stayed at/visited my apartment on how creepy that bathroom was.

(also: yeah me too! I just gotta hand over my keys at the old place & I’m freeeeee)

Life update comix!

I’m really happy at my new place! Chris & Mara my new roommates are great. It’s been really nice having other people around. I’m very, very used to solitude, but this is a nice change.

I know only Mara got a shout out in this comic for being amazing at moving, but Chris was awesome too. They were both total champs for helping me move all my junk.

I have honestly been so stressed about this move for about the past month & I’m so glad it’s finally over.

(also the bathroom at my old place was infamous. Everyone who came over had heard about how creepy it was at some point & insisted on seeing it)

An April & Noire sketchbook comic for your saturday. 

Acne sucks.

100% TRU Story Comix.

It’s officially summer, I guess.

lil sketchbook comic about april & noire.

Introspective Dream Diary Comix.

You know those dreams where you wake up & it feels like you lived an entire separate life while you were asleep? I’ve been having a lot of those lately.

Dream Diary Comix. Best dream ever or best dream ever?

Minor apologies to my very real non-cat non-baby brother.


Look what came in the mail today! My custom printed fabric!

It’s Spoonflower’s “performance knit.” I’m going to make some t-shirts out of it. Hopefully it turns out.

Got the fabric I designed for myself in the mail the other day. It’s going to be the most obnoxious two t-shirts I own, once I’m done with it.