Yup. It’s that time of week again.

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Thing I did for a thing. I like how the colours turned out in this.

Lil demon I doodled in gouache in my sketchbook. I’ve always wanted to experiment with this medium, so I finally gave it a try.

New page up! Today we wonder: Okay but for real, where did all these pigs come from!?

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They said it was a “crawl space” but I’m pretty sure it’s the beginning of a horror movie.

The new house is pretty nice, but it includes a couple weird (endearing) features that were definitely considered “futuristic” in the 70s. I may do a comic about those later.

Thanksgiving was good. We did a lot of homework & ate a ton of my mother’s delicious cooking. We managed to squeeze in a round of mini-golf with my brother, too (I inexplicably scored two holes in one).

Tomorrow’s my birthday. I don’t really have any plans except for a post-class IHOP meal with Lyndsey & Gina (and any other classmates that want to join) & okonomiyaki with my roommates in the evening. Also homework. I am never free of homework. I came down with strep throat on my birthday last year, so literally anything is a step up from that.

In today’s instalment of Last Night at Wyrmwood High: where did those pigs come from!?!?!?!?

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In today’s Last Night at Wyrmwood High: I had to draw this dang truck a buncha times.

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Um. My deep dark secret is that I had a really strange obsession with the animated show “Arthur” in high school. Like, it’s a good show & all…. but I should not have created the sheer amount of Mr. Ratburn fan art that I did….. Before you judge, just remember we all have skeletons in our closets. Mine just happens to be some weird comics about anthropomorphic rats & math.

Final thought: my old work is super embarrassing, but I like to think that’s because I’ve grown & progressed beyond it. It serves as a good reminder as to how far I’ve come. I can only hope that I will improve as much in the next 4 years as I did in the past 4 years.

Happy monday. There’s a new page of Last Night at Wyrmwood High up today. There is a car involved.

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It’s Friday! There’s a new page of Last Night at Wyrmwood High!

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